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airlied [userpic]
DisplayPort MST dock support for Fedora 20 copr repo.

So I've created a copr


With a kernel + intel driver that should provide support for DisplayPort MST on Intel Haswell hardware. It doesn't do any of the fancy Dell monitor stuff yet, it primarily for people who have Lenovo or Dell docks and laptops that can't currently multihead.

The kernel source is from this branch which backports a chunk of stuff to v3.14 to support this.


It might still have some bugs and crashes, but the basics should in theory work.


Thanks Dave, just booted this up and it's working great on my dell e7440 with PR03x. I'll let you know if i encounter any oddities or crashes.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your work on this, and for providing the repo.

Is there a preferred way to report bugs? After update to 3.15.8-200.mst.fc20.x86_64 kernel my T440s hard freezes when trying to switch back to text terminal (or log out from X session). This is a regression compared to the previous kernel build (3.15.5-200.mst.fc20).

I just realised the xorg-x11-drv-intel in the repo has been overtaken I've just rebuilt,
does it help at all?

Bug reports

Are you interested in bug reports on this?


Any word on when this is likely to make it into the mainline kernel?

Re: Mainline

its all in the 3.17 kernel, F21 should support it all.

club 3d csv-5300 support


first, let me thank you for your work.

i have a kubuntu 14.04 system with a linux 3.17 kernel running. my csv-5300 is now partly working.

i have 2 attached display, but both give me the same output, with xrandr only showing one display.

here is the kernel output, when i attach the adapter to my dell xps 13:

[ 640.810815] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 640.851743] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 640.891806] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 640.931871] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 640.971945] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.012003] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.052068] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.052290] [drm:intel_dp_complete_link_train] *ERROR* failed to train DP, aborting
[ 641.205972] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.244373] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.284482] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.324506] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.364573] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.404638] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.444703] [drm:intel_dp_set_link_train] *ERROR* DP training pattern 3 not supported
[ 641.444922] [drm:intel_dp_complete_link_train] *ERROR* failed to train DP, aborting

maybe there is something you can do about it? it you need further informations, i would be glad to help.

upstream support

Hi, thanks for working on this. I have a couple questions.

1) Will these patches be included upstream soon (or ever)? I'm using Gentoo so compiling a kernel is required anyway, but I'd like to see the patches in the upstream kernel.

2) To avoid this issue with a dual monitor setup, could you plug one monitor into the dock and one directly into the laptop?

3) Have you happened to try a triple monitor setup with this?

4) Will this fix work with a T440/T540 with the Nvidia GPU?

Re: upstream support

patches are all in 3.17 kernel

yes you can plug monitor into laptop port and one into dock.

triple monitor should work with laptop port and two in dock, but I haven't tested it.

and nouveau doesn't have MST support yet, however the t540p I got had no outputs connected to the nvidia on it.


Hi, has this been abandoned?

Re: abandonware?

the work is all gone upstream,. maintaining the copr was becoming a headache, the last 3-4 kernel builds all failed due to copr infrastructure problems that I couldn't get anyone to look into, so I mostly dropped it.

the 3.17 kernel has all the bits, and the F20 and F21 Xorg intel drivers should have all the necessary userspace bits.