airlied (airlied) wrote,

glibc - inconsistent interfaces due to arrogance

To start off, I don't actually mind arrogant people as long as they back their attitude up with some semblance of sanity, however arrogance without ability pisses me off, and it seems that its the number 1 trait to be a maintainer of glibc.

Today someone pointed out F_SETOWN_EX to me which I can use to fix a problem in the X server, however trying to use gettid made me realise why these guys are considered such fuckwits.

WTF? glibc exposes 3 interfaces that need the result of gettid passed to them and internally relies on gettid to implement raise properly and it won't expose the interface. Notice in the bug he never addresses the problems, just closes it with "CLOSED ARROGANCE".

Other recent glibc fuckwittery includes the whole overlapping memcpy issues in F14 breaking flash for everyone, and trying to remove the rpc implementation a week before the F15 final release freeze, so that if the package had gotten in and packages that needed a rebuild for say a security fix would mean linking the fixed package against a different RPC library than the original which could cause untold pains.

So really if glibc could DIACF already thanks.

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