airlied (airlied) wrote,

engineering FAIL

So we bought an Electrolux front-loader washing machine just over a year ago, all ready for the amount of washing a baby produces!!

a few days ago, the drum stopped spinning. I did all the filter cleaning etc the manual recommended but still no moving drum. So as I was ringing the warranty repair people I decided to use a lot more force than I'd consider using on something under warranty. This was followed by the sound of a coin dropping somewhere inside and the drum moving again. However it still wouldn't move under power. So I called Electrolux who gave me the is Tuesday 2 weeks good for you?.

So I decided to have a look myself, took the lid off and low and behold the drive belt had snapped in half. So today I bought a new drive belt from a spares place and tonight I shall endeavour to resurrect the washer.

Now some net searching over the course of last night discovered this is a really common problem on these washing machines. The washing machine when faced with the prospect of coins will just let a coin enter between the two drums and once there it can then jam the inner and outer drums together and cause the drive belt to snap or the motor to give up. Now I'm not the best person at taking money out of my jeans and stuff goes into the wash sometimes before I notice, but really who thinks selling a washing machine that can die when faced with one or two accidental coins is a) something you can sell, b) something you can apparently say isn't a warranty fault as there is a sticker on the thing saying not to put coins in it. I think if Electrolux came to fix it would cost nearly 1/4 the price of the washing machine if the warranty didn't cover it.

So I'm hoping to abuse my google juice to say to everyone "DON'T BUY ELECTROLUX FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINES" because they obviously don't think about using them in the real world.
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