airlied (airlied) wrote,

GPU switching update

Okay I've been busy elsewhere but dragged myself back to try and finish this for upstream

v10 of the patch is up

changes are mainly that mjg59 was right about keeping ugly things in the drivers.

adding ATRM support to get the ROMs on ATI hybrid for the discrete card was actually a pain with the previous code design,
so I moved lots of it around again, and now the discrete ROM can be retrieved via the ATRM method.

I've tested it on the W500 and it works as well as before, which means still the 3rd or 4th switch fails and locks the machine up,
I need to debug this further.

The refactored code should hopefully make it easier to fill in the nvidia/nvidia and intel/nvidia blanks for mjg59.

Update 1: v11 is now up
It should fix the failure to switch to IGD the 2nd time hopefully.

Update 2: v13 is now up, it blindly implements nvidia DSM changing, but I've no idea if it works. Hopefully someone can test it and give me some feedback. Its nearly all guesswork from work mjg59 did.

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