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airlied [userpic]
whats in drm-radeon-testing?

I'll try and post these regularly when I make major additions/removals.

drm-radeon-testing is the cutting edge KMS radeon branch, it is going to be rebased and things will be added/removed as they are worked on by developers. So you can base patches on it but you should talk to the developer who owns the area first.

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/airlied/drm-2.6.git drm-radeon-testing

I've just pushed a rebased tree now with the following:

latest i2c algo + hw i2c engine code + all fixes squashed: This adds support for hw i2c engines found on radeons and
exposes them + sw i2c buses to userspace so i2c tools can use them. (agd5f).

pll algorithm reworking + quirks: cleans up the code to allow for the selection of the old pll algorithm on some hardware. (agd5f)

pm support so far: Adds all the current PM patches - just does engine reclocking so far using the power tables from the BIOS. (Zajec/agd5f)

Evergreen (Radeon HD 5xxx) support: basic KMS support for the evergreen range of devices - no irqs or accel yet. (agd5f)

radeon unlocked ioctl support (airlied)

bad CS recording (glisse)

misc cleanups/fixes - Dell/Sun server support ported from userspace hopefully.

The tree did contain Jerome's r600 CS checker but I've dropped it for now at his request as he has newer patches
in testing.

Is there a timeline for R300g as a default?

The work that CorbinS is doing to get OpenGL 2.0 on older radeon cards seems to be moving along rapidly. Are there any plans to switch to it by default in Fedora? It would be nice to be in the position where all ATI cards were OGL2 out of the box...

Keep up the good work! I remember when getting a graphics card to work in Linux was a WOW moment. I never dreamt that 3d would be a possibility :)

Re: Is there a timeline for R300g as a default?

not yet, when its readier, i've been trying to give it some focus to make it as fast as clasicc and stuff, but gallium is has still some twisty passages to get lost in .