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airlied [userpic]
video of GPU switching

Here's a really badly shot video of GPU switching in action ;-0 - whiteouts are mostly be logging out and in ;-)


i isnt funny to do login/logout :(

its not funny to fix X to avoid it either.


It is possible to use the two GPUs in cooperation; for example in a dual-monitor scenario ?

The first GPU: Intel GM45; output on the main monitor
The second GPU: AMD Radeon 365; output on the external one.
(or vice-versa)

May also be nice to have a director that will switch the GPUs according to usage and power settings.

Btw good job!

they are designed to be used at the same time, however I think you could
do it in some corner cases. Like connecting radeon displayport up and the intel to the LVDS panel.

It all depends on what outputs they share and how the multiplexer works.

Dynamic switching would need a lot of work in userspace mainly in X.org.

dynamic switching

Do you know, if there are plans for Xserver 1.8 to make this feature possible?

I think, it is really a bad thing if running x-apps are killed and I must login again to use the other graphics adapter. So the result would be that I would only use one graphics adapter and ignore the hybrid feature. :(

Re: dynamic switching

not a hope, if this ever happens it'll be a year or two away, not in the X server release that is frozen now from before I even got the kernel bits working.

There is just no-one currently with the correct intersection of time and ability to implement the X parts of this, it pretty much means rewriting large parts of the X server architecture and driver interfaces.

great news!

This is great news for a lot of Linux users. I've been compiling information about Ultrathin Linux laptops, and the four most successful laptops have hybrid graphics configuration:
The first one is the Asus UL30/UL80 line. The UL*0Vt models have an intel/nvidia configuration, with a physical switch button.
The second one is the Acer Timeline. The 3810TG and 4810TG models have intel/ATI configuration with no switch button.
The third one is the Sony Vaio Z-series. There are 193 subscribed members in the Launchpad team. All of them with intel/nvidia configurations with physical switch.
The fourth is the HP dm3 line. The dm3z models have intel/nvidia confs.
The seventh is the HP Envy line. These are intel/ATI configurations.

All round up to a total of ~500 users, many of them with hybrid graphics laptops. The 12 month projections are now at ~900 linux users of these ultrathin laptops. So all the work David and Matthew have done will be greatly received!!

holy shit, you have a script that increases glxgears perf from 550fps to 1800???



AHAHAH XD!! I would like that script, too!! :-P

@ Dave: nice job ;-)

Sadly, it only works when you have more than one video card ;)


It's really nice, as you said in an earlier post, it needs a gui :)

Anyway really nice!



Awesome! Great work you did there :)


amazed, i was really looking forward for this feature. A big thank you for doing such a good work in such a short time. Hope Gnome and Xorg guys will follow soon to reach feature parity with other OSs soon. A true HERO!

great job

Thanks for your great work! Can't wait to see this running on my Thinkpad W500. I will try applying your patches to the F12 kernel.

I'm not really clear what we're watching. What exactly is GPU switching?

its where modern laptops have two graphics cards in them and switch between them depending on power consumption requirements.

Very cool.

I'm so glad someone is bringing this functionality to linux. It kept me from getting the asus n10j when I was looking for a netbook. Very nice work!

lets have this

Hi I have a timeline 4810 with a Intel and ATI GPU and at this moment I run Windows 7. And have a 5 hour of battery time On Ubuntu it's about 2 hour :(. both Gpu's are active. The notebook is getting very hot. So this script (with gui) is very welcome. I want to go back to Linux... I hate using Windows right now.

vga_switcheroo rock on!

One of the Hybrid Graphics Linux Launchpad team members has posted the detailed instructions to install vga_switcheroo for Linux Switchable graphics. Here is the permanent link:


Thanks to David Airlie and Matthew Garrett's work on switchable graphics, we now have pretty good switchable graphics support for Linux, both for discrete-Nvidia and discrete-ATI configurations.

If you have tried the instructions above and got it to work successfully, or if you are just interested in hybrid graphics features in Linux, please subscribe to the hybrid-graphics-linux Launchpad team here:


Reports, either positive and negative, are gratefully accepted!