airlied (airlied) wrote,

hybrid graphics : the story continues (part 3)

v6 of the patch + another patch which needs some work before I can merge it are available now.

This mainly cleans up the patch architecture a lot and allow for Matthew to put his nvidia code in easier hopefully. Its moves the ATPX specific code to the radeon driver.

The second patch is from an experiment that I videod on a webcam but am now failing to upload, I'll probably get a better video tomorrow, the lighting was fairly bad for it today.

It basically allows for a delayed gpu switch ( it changes the debugfs API ), and allows gpu drivers to block the switch.

The switch file now takes ON/OFF like always, but the PCI IDs input is gone. There are 4 commands

IGD - try and switch now to the integrated device - can fail if drm drivers block it (mainly if X has the device open)
DIS - try and switch now to the discrete device - can fail if drm drivers block it (X again).
DIGD - try a delayed switch to integrated device
DDIS - try a delayed switch to discrete device.

So with X running you can echo DDIS to the file and log off X, it'll then switch as soon as X closes the drm device, and when
gdm restarts X it'll be running on the discrete GPU. If we had a shiny GUI on top of this it'd be as close as MacOSX can do it.
When you select to do a delayed switch we power up the other GPU straight away so the switch is quicker.

It needs more debugging, some open issues include:

after a few switches it can die on its ass
powering up the Intel glitches the display even when running the AMD
there may be race conditions in the patch, probably need a mutex around device open + this stuff
suspend/resume - since we D3 the card, if you do an s/r cycle it'll resume it, we need a flag in the
driver to say its powered off by the mux and to ignore s/r cycles - I've started adding this to radeon.

mjg59 has access to an nvidia laptop and is looking closely at how to make that all work.

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