airlied (airlied) wrote,

LCA 2010 talk

So I originally was going to attend LCA 2010 for the week, but real life interjected and I couldn't abandon family commitments for that long, so I ended up doing a crazy cross-Tasman dash. As well as the change in flights, Isabel came down with a virus and Gia also got it, I think I got a milder version of it, but they both seem alright by the time I left but I had little sleep the previous two nights.

So I flew on Wednesday morning, got in Wed afternoon, met up with ppl, had a couple of beers, wrote slides, slept, finished slides, went to Thur morning, drugged myself up on Nurofen Plus to combat viral effects, gave my talk, went to see ajax talk, went to professional network dinner, went for beers with ajax + benh (listening to an American and a Frenchman speaking about wine while listening to drum n bass in a Wellington pub was a bit wierd). Decided to push on through, so got back to room at 3am or so, checked out/left for airport at 4:20am, flew at 6:20am, into BNE at 7am, home, bed, sleep for a few hours and mind Isabel for afternoon.

So my talk was "So you've put kernel graphics drivers in the kernel... what next? can I haz ponies?". My slide deck is off the 0-content style + lots of pictures of various ponies, which I've found, they'll be on the LCA site soon and I'll upload them when I plug that laptop in again.

(a) stop people reading ahead of your bullet points so they don't doze off while you are catching up
(b) gives them something to look at apart from me while they actually have to listen to me :-P

It seemed well received, the room was pretty packed out (ppl standing/sitting - LCA schedulers you listening?) and I don't think the sickness or lack of decent preparation made a big difference. I'd like to apologise for not even mentioning SGX/poulsbo, I'm not sure how but it totally slipped my mind, but the situation hasn't really changed in terms of how screwed it is.
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