airlied (airlied) wrote,

qemu vmware + vmwgfx

So just as an aside to radeon stuff, I spent an hour or two today on a break playing with qemu's vmware gfx + VMware's new vmwgfx kms driver.

I've managed to get it as far as showing me the console which was good,

is the hacks against git://

the first hack looks like a bug in qemu, really it should expose a second PCI bar with the FIFO in it according to the VMware SVGA specification.

the second looks like a possible bug in vmwgfx if no irq is advertised from the device, which in this case there isn't,
vmwgfx gets a capability bit for having an IRQ from what I can see.

third looks like it should be necessary, but I'd need to read the vmware svga spec a bit more, without it, we get the
wrong fb size.

the fourth looks like a bug in qemu confusing depth and bpp, bpp can be 32, but depth is generally 24.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing further on it, it was just a neat afternoon hack I meant to try for a while

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