airlied (airlied) wrote,

drm-next and r600 KMS support

I've pushed out the drm-next branch to;a=shortlog;h=drm-next

A few highlights include:
firmware loading for r128/mga/radeon + radeon kms drivers. (for all the Debian fans).
Intel -next tree pulled in.
radeon r100/r200 kms command stream checking
radeon kms tv-out support
merged fb handling for all kms drivers
DMT timings + better HDMI EDID decoding
R600 3D support
R600 KMS support (under staging drivers along with radeon KMS).

along with numerous other patch.

The r600 3D support enables r600 3D without KMS.

The r600/r700 KMS support in that tree enables full 2D/3D/Xv accel + DRI2,
you need a master libdrm, master ati DDX and master mesa. Jerome and myself
at Red Hat have been working on this tag team along with Alex at AMD. It may
not be 100% stable yet and I'm sure we can make things a lot faster, but
the basics all work for me here. So get testing and reporting please.

Fedora rawhide users, just wait for a day and it should all be available.

I've done some boot testing on my rs780, rv635, rv610 and rv730 so far
and all seem to at least start and run my X session.

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