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airlied [userpic]
radeon mesa drivers status + FBOs

So I've been slowly getting radeon-rewrite into a useful state, I diverted myself on Friday evening to take a quick look at FBOs on KMS/DRI2. I'd already layed down most of the basis for FBO code so I thought it might not take too long to get working.

So today I merged the FBO code into the radeon-rewrite branch, its not perfect but its a good place to start, its only enabled for KMS/DRI2 setups of course.

So there are a few things left to get radeon-rewrite into master:

1. Fix hangs on r100/r200 that some people have reported. I'm not having a huge amount of success in reproducing this, but I'll try and give it a larger effort asap. Its hanging in the buffer manager aging code somewhere. It smells like a GPU hang but its hasn't actually hung, killing the app, and starting it again, keeps things going.

2. r200 depth buffer is broken.

3. DRI2 single buffered rendering isn't drawing to the window where it should.

4. Have to run piglit regression tests on r100/r200/r300/r400/r500, under current mesa master, radeon-rewrite, radeon-rewrite DRI2 with swtcl and hwtcl paths. So I think it works out around 30 tests cases to try, and then fixup the regressions!!

5. lots of other things I've forgotten.

Post merging, I need to add support for two things back:
1. Color buffer tiling under KMS/DRI2. Works fine under DRI1.
2. Texture tiling under *.

Which will likely get KMS first?

Looking at

I am under the impression that you are the main developer of KMS.

Do you dare to predict which are likely to get KMS first?

Re: Which will likely get KMS first?

I'm not airlied, but I believe that r500+ will all get KMS using AtomBios at the same time. I believe some r400 cards also work with atombios. I'm not sure about earlier cards, but I'm guessing that's being worked on.

ati mobility radeon 9000 fix

hello, i'm wondering whether your current or future patches fixes this problem of mine: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8071560872049452023



Thank You, Dave.

There are so many of us whom you will never meet who appreciate and are grateful for your work.

Thank you

You are my hero ;-)

I have a r200 hardware (FireGL 8800), maybe this bug is related to that problems?



I have an onboard ATI Radeon HD 3200 I would love to get with accelerated video, as the closed binary only drivers suck. Your efforts on the open source Radeon ones are appreciated.


Accelerated EXA (2D and render) and Xv (tear free video) for r6xx/r7xx cards are already available in 6.12.1 assuming you have a new enough drm.

FBO acronym


What is the signification of FBO acronym please? I don't understand it.

Your work is great. Thank you for all!

Re: FBO acronym

FBO means Frame Buffer Object, and is an OpenGL extension that allows very fast rendering to offscreen surfaces. It's very important for games that do fancy graphics to apply effects (using pixel shaders, for example). It also helps speed up lots of things that involve offscreen rendering.

To date - this video card is not actual, it is better to keep an eye itself, something more interesting.