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airlied [userpic]
radeon r500/r600 tv-out + atombios

Okay I've just spent a few days doing output enablement on -ati, since I got an rv730. I decided to try and get tv-out up and going again.

I've pushed a branch to the main xf86-video-ati repo called "atom-tvout"

Please test this on any r500 -> rv7xx cards if you are interested in TV-out support on this range in open source drivers.

It mostly uses atombios to set the cards up, with one exception for the scaler on the R500 cards which I'm discussing with ATI.

I've also added and tested DCE3.2 output support to master in the past day or two, I just need to add the official PCI IDs for all the rv7xx variants.

Grest stuff =)

Very impressive stuff you are pulling out of the hat =)


good job.
I was wondering if 690G chipset http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_690G will work with your drivers.



Chips with a non-27 MHz reference clock (like the RS690) will need adjusted pll dividers for tv-out.

should work okay, needs testing though.


I've tried today with my rs690.
I got a black screen

xorg.conf: http://rafb.net/p/FFrUMb23.html
log: http://rafb.net/p/oFlyHi52.html


forgot to say: I'm using the master git branch, since according to http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati/log/ the atom-tvout branch has been merged.


I have a X1200 (ChipID=0x791e) and TV-Out "works" but is not usable. About 2/3 of a second the image is black and white, the other 1/3 of the second the image blinks up extremely green or pink.
So I think something has to be adjusted :)
Great work! And good to see TV-Out working!

I have an X300

I have an X300 that I was using in my mythtv box it has composite TV-out and I was saddened not to find a binary driver in rpmfusion for Fedora 10. Working TV-out would be a real victory for me (and all free-driver-loving mankind...)

So, what do I do to help?

Re: I have an X300

An X300 is R4xx era hardware. So this change isn't relevant as I understand it. You should potentially already have working TV-out, the S-Video output on my Mobility X600 seems to work f.e.

Re: I have an X300

R4XX Tvout is not supported in the open source drivers yet. :( Only up to R300 then R500-R700. R4xx got skipped. :(

atis fglrx does support tvout on R4xx though.

Re: I have an X300

I have Mobility Radeon X700 (RV410) in my Acer Aspire 5021wlmi and my TV-Out doesn't work with xf86-video-ati driver. I think I have readed somewhere that AtomBios can be used for some things on R400, so maybe this patch enables TV-Out with R400 series also?

This is what xrandr says with xf86-video-ati-6.9.0 driver:
$ xrandr --addmode S-video 800x600
xrandr: cannot find output "S-video"

Re: I have an X300

Not yet on r4xx. They'll need a bit more work.

Re: I have an X300

X300 is r3xx based and tv-out already works. You'll have to force it on however as tv dac load detection on pre-avivo chips isn't very reliable at the moment. R4xx are atombios based, so we should be able to use atombios to enable tv-out there.

Re: I have an X300

Oh... So, TVout might actually work on my card now, and I just need to turn it on in Fedora 10 by... um...

generating an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file
and then
turning on the TVout option in the

by the way, the boot splash with kernel mode-setting is awesome. the X300 is my new favorite card...

Re: I have an X300

For f10 you need to boot with nomodeset (losing the splash) for tv-out

I'll be porting tv-out to the kernel soon.

Re: I have an X300

I'm a noob, I don't know how to do that (during installation, or using a Live CD, or by changing the driver that comes up by default). I only have enough info to be dangerous to myself.

I think it's a kernel parameter, and that I either do it:

on installation, by typing "linux nomodeset" like I would use "linux text". I guess that's technically an option to anaconda...

using a Live CD, I have to edit the kernel line and add the parameter in the grub editor

or, on an installed copy, I'd have to edit /etc/grub.conf

but again... that little bit of knowledge will probably put me in a bad place.

Thanks for working on the driver though!

Re: I have an X300

oh, and I'm the anonymous guy with an X300 that wanted to help, but didn't know that an X300 isn't R500, and still don't know whether it's R300 or R400. Or whether he'll just roll back to Fedora 9 to get a binary ATI driver or what. :(

composite and interlace mode support for VGA to RGB connection

I think this support will be only for tv-out via Composite/S-Video connector or will it be include also support for composite and interlace mode (modeline parameters) to connect a CRT-TV to VGA via a VGA to RGB (Scart) cable ?


Re: composite and interlace mode support for VGA to RGB connection

This is just for the S-video/composite/DIN ports using the tv-encoder. RGB scart should already be possible using a modeline.

r505 tv out

Thanks David, for working on tv-out.

Using the latest from the "atom-tvout" branch:

On my 3850, the picture works, but the scaler is off. (It's funny 8.12 in winxp actually fails to detect the tv output.. ;) )

On my mythbox, x1550 (r505), once xorg loads, the tv picture disappears/goes blank (all pre xorg load boot text is shown at startup.) According to the log, it did enable the tv output at 640x480. (used other resolutions, just didn't save the log file)


Once i solve the revenge build error's, i can provide a revenge dump since the fglrx drivers (ubuntu 8.11's) work in this situation.


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