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airlied [userpic]
r500 on Fedora 9 at the moment...

Okay there are F9 packages for R500 support but not reached the updates-testing world as I await the kernel push.

So you need.

libdrm from updates-testing


38.fc9 or newer contain the r500 drm. not vblank support yet, sorry.

or later.

and the -ati from updates-testing will also help.


By the time it gets in updates, I suppose you'll have to push a new build. Too bad there's no big push for better NVidia support at the moment.


Great! Is a lack of vblank support likely to be a problem - for general desktop/composite usage etc? I know what vblank means in the tv broadcast sense but not what effect it has (if any) on pc graphics.

Compiz working nicely

Just upgraded to all these packages on my Lenovo t60p laptop with Fedora 9 and happy to report that compiz works wonderfully with wobbly windows and spinning desktops and all the other bling. Great work & thanks to all involved in getting this far soo quickly !

Re: Compiz working nicely

Just tried this on my T60 with the officially released update packages, and it all worked nicely.
Did a quick compiz-check before-hand, which gave me the green-light.

My system info from compiz-check is as follows:

Distribution: Fedora release 9 (Sulphur)
Desktop environment: GNOME
Graphics chip: ATI Technologies Inc M52 [Mobility Radeon X1300]
Driver in use: radeon
Rendering method: AIGLX

what kind of support? 3d?

support for chip id 0x71d2 ?

I'll try to test if this is fixed...



Works on F9, sort of.
With compiz every GUI object(windows) is x-axis mirrored (including fonts), with both KDE and Gnome (X/DRI issue obviously). I tried to disable all plugins and change general settings, but didn't change anything. Spinning cube works, at least :)

Still didn't figure out how to disable automatic compiz loading with KDE4(while session manager in Gnome is configurable in that respect), so I have to kill it and start kwin manually. Not sure if Kwin supports GL effects in 4.0, but they aren't present, even if configured.

Doesn't work with Wine GL, runs extremetuxracer (without alpha transparency on sprite textures) but deadlocked the system on game exit. Also screen turns black when I move glxgears window around, until something else is clicked on.

But it's a good start and I'm sure that in short time it will run without many glitches. Congratulations

My hardware: X1950 Pro