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July 2017
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airlied [userpic]
r500 3D support looking good...

So myself and Corbin have been picking off the r500 fragment program code one bug at a time since my last posting.

Today I decided to fix texenv which was both wrong and hanging, Corbin fixed the wrong, and I went after the hanging, and tracked it down to my own misunderstanding of a shared structure in the fragment program compiler from the r300 driver. This led to the wrong number of instructions getting output at various stages to the chip, which of course resulted in death and corruption.

So I now have compiz running without any corruption or wierdness.

and I've just ran ut2004demo which was killing the machine stone dead up until now.

So I think we are very close to merging this back into master and pushing it out into F9.


That sounds awesome!
I've been waiting so long...

Thank you for your hard work!

I'd like to thank you for your hard work. I have no idea what "a shared structure in the fragment program compiler" means but I am thrilled to hear that you & Corbin fixed these little buggers. I look forward to try it out on my laptop with F9 x86_64 and an X1300

Can't wait for F10

Sounds like F10 will really be the biggest Fedora of them all.

Java, Flash, and 3D out-of-the-box =)


Does this mean that compiz will eventually work again on r300?

Re: r300

Uhm, in the laptop i'm using right now it works fine .... although it's gentoo, this versions of related sw:

kernel 2.6.26-rc4

and has been working for at least the last half an year :)
Ah, i was forgetting, mycard (from lspci):

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Mobility Radeon X300]

Anyway, sometimes expecially (or everytime?) when trying to play 3d games the laptop locks hard. And this changes seem very much related to this.

And last but not least, thank you Dave for your work!

Re: r300

As far as i have seen, it will work!


nexuiz and torcs work perfectly now!


But openarena is about 8% slower.


slower than what?


Slower than yesterday, when nexuiz and torcs froze the system but openarena worked fine.

Simply amazing

I have being waiting for years for this to happen. Thanks a lot guys! AMD/ATI should be sponsoring your work. R500 support would allow me to use my current video card for the next couple of years. When I start looking for an upgrade it will have to be a chip from a manufacturer that actually actively supports and develops its open source drivers at time of hardware release.

Re: Simply amazing

This work is indeed sponsored by AMD/ATI.

Congrats on the merge to master

r500 + HD3200

Where does the HD 3200 chipset fit in the scheme of things.
Is it supported (3D or xvideo) in the fixes or does it come later?

good woork!

Will some parts of this work affect r300 (r410 [X700 mobility] in my case) too?

Re: good woork!

Yes, look at the git changelog of r500-support branch:

Every awhile there is something r300 related.

looking forward to testing this out in F9.


so when will it make it's way into fedora 9? :)