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July 2017
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airlied [userpic]
glxgears on the powerpc g5 + nouveau

So this happened earlier

07:03 < IronPeter> hi.
07:04 < IronPeter> I have stable vertex and fragment processing on RSX. Both in
big and little endiannes.
07:04 < darktama> what was the fix?
07:05 < IronPeter> the data for frag progs must be prepared in ths next way: to
words in dword must be swapped.

So darktama put the code into the DDX for nv40 composite on powerpc which we had disabled and I tested it on getting home this evening and it worked!!

So I added code to Mesa to do the same thing for nv40 fragment programs, and gears suddenly got all its colors!!!

Bigups to the PS3 RSX project who despite the best attempts of the hypervisor are getting some basic 3D stuff going on the PS3 nvidia chip :-)


That's pretty cool. I thought the hypervisor would have completely blocked visibility of the RSX from Linux. Is there a project page for the PS3 RX stuff or is it all handled in the nouveau project?

First, excuse my English.

ps3rsx is not a branch of Nouveau project, just small demo of textured triangle


and wiki page


We have all components of basic 3D. Fragment and pixel processing, texturing, z-test.

I tried only subset of features from NV40 ( documented in the Nouveau project ). But all features from this subset work as expected.

Excellent work. Thanks for the links.

IronPeter has singlehandedly renewed my faith in the PS3 and in humanity. I watch the RSX thread like a hawk, and just wish I had a ps3 so as to do his bitch work for him.