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July 2017
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airlied [userpic]
fedora planet and english speaking feeds

So I've never asked to be added to Fedora's planet as really I don't read it due to the non-English postings (I can mostly muddle through French and German but I don't want to just to catch up on some blogs I find interesting).

So in an effort to actually keep up with Fedora but avoid the language parsing I've setup an alternate planet aggregator for a number of Fedora related blogs I want to read.


I'll probably add more of the fedora blogs to it as I go along, initially I just picked people who I know or interact with regularly on fedora stuff.

If this of use to others please use it.

Requirements for running a planet

Hi Dave,

I would like to set up a planet for a community project (www.scipy.org), could you please enlighten me as far as what are the resources necessary (what kind of access to the box running the planet, what kind of rights, and what kind of programs need to be installed, especially what services).


Gaël Varoquaux

Re: Requirements for running a planet

planetplanet.org is the software, python + a webserver are all I think are really required.. you need to write (or borrow) some css..

I just bum my planets on freedesktop.org machines...

feed languages

The aggregators should obey to the HTTP Accept-Language header which is sent by the User Agent. Then all those "I only want languages X/Y/Z on my planet" complaints would be addressed.

I don't get it. Did you mean that... you don't want people subscribed to Planet Fedora to read you because you don't read it?