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airlied [userpic]
ATI driver tree

Okay we've had randr-1.2 support in a branch for a long time and really the 6.7 tree isn't getting much developer loving, so I've branched ati-6.7-branch off and merged the randr-1.2 love into master

The randr-1.2 branch adds randr-1.2 output hotplugging and includes beta tv-out support, it also deprecates zaphod (old-style dualhead)

Thanks to Alex and Jesse who did most of the work of cleaning up my original fumblings in the randr-1.2 driver :-)


Great. I'll give it a go straight away!

If/while I've got your attention, can I ask if there's any news on the RS480+Compiz front (that issue with textures being mis-sized)? FWIW, opacity seems to have some role to play - it appears to change the size of the texture's contents. Furthermore, if under Gnome I enable "Normal Effects", then make the dialog that asks if you want to keep the settings transparent, it is rendered at exactly the right size (though the decorations are still messed up). HTH.

current git doesn't buiild

make[2]: *** No rule to make target `radeon_mergedfb.c', needed by `radeon_mergedfb.lo'. Stop.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/user/src/build/xorg/xf86-video-ati/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/user/src/build/xorg/xf86-video-ati'
make: *** [all] Error 2

Re: current git doesn't buiild

Compiled okay here. I just haven't had a lot of success using it on my RS480. xrandr sees the other monitor, and I can get cloned output, but extending the desktop isn't yet a goer. Perhaps you didn't rerun autogen.sh after updating?

Re: current git doesn't buiild

you may need to add a Virtual line to your xorg.conf Screen section/Display subsesction, then you should be able to extend onto it using the xrandr utility.

Re: current git doesn't buiild

Gave that a go, but no success, sorry. Both screens a blank and a warm reboot ends up with the same result. I'm using krandrtray (yeah, under Gnome) to configure X. Shall I open a bug? The system isn't freezing completely, so I can grab logs and so on.

Re: current git doesn't buiild

Dave, do you have an xorg.conf that you could post, which demonstrates the right way to configure this? Googling gives confusing combinations of Xinerama, MergeFB = On and so on. TIA!

Re: current git doesn't buiild

Sorry to reply to you and myself again, but I though I should say that I've gotten it going. I have to use a script to do several commands including a chvt to textmode and back, but I can get cloned output and a multi-monitor desktop with my RS480. I'll post all the gory details on my own blog.

Re: current git doesn't buiild

you should try the latest git tree, I fixed the need to chvt, I've gotten VGA/LVDS dual-head on my rs480, tv-out seem to be a bust so far, fglrx can do it though...

Re: current git doesn't buiild

I didn't pull all and sundry (just the ati driver changes), but did a complete rebuild. Still need to chvt here. Current commit is 9d38c8aa1a7d~ radeon: cleanup some warnings.

Re: current git doesn't buiild

your a bit behind, you aren't using the git master branch if that is your last commitid

Re: current git doesn't buiild

Ah. Just did another pull and am now on 5d044b9... will give it another go. Ta.

So the next release ....

... will be which one? The 6.7 one, or the RandR 1.2 capable one?


The pci-rework branch has just been merged into xorg-server, and now xf86-video-ati doesn't compile any more. I've tried to merge the pci-rework branch from git, but that one's five months old and had some rejects and I have no clue how to fix that stuff... I hope someone finds the nerve to do that.