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July 2017
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airlied [userpic]
X.org ATI randr-1.2 branch update

Alex Deucher and Jesse Barnes did a whole lot of work on the radeon randr-1.2 branch to make it a lot more useful and not fall over as much as my original one.

Feel free to test it and report back any regression via bugzilla...

The tree doesn't support old-style dualhead anymore as reconciling this with randr-1.2 was too painful, and randr-1.2 provides much nicer features..

Works on Mobility X300

I have been testing daily snapshots of the randr-1.2 branch for about 2 weeks, it works very well on my Radeon Mobility X300 (rv370).

Re: Works on Mobility X300

Where are the snapshots available from? My google-fu seems to be failing me.

Re: Works on Mobility X300

I don't think there are any actual snapshot online, I just take the randr-1.2 branch of git://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati

Re: Works on Mobility X300

Cool, I can do that. Thanks for the URL!

Release date?

I know that the next version of the driver will be 6.7, and that RandR will come up first in 6.8.
Any idea when that driver will be released? Are there release cycles like "all 6 months" or similar?

I'm really looking forward to the feature :)
Btw., thanks for your awesome work! The driver works painlessly and also together with AIGLX - something the fglrx driver cannot do, btw.

Re: Release date?

When it's ready :)

The randr stuff is working really well for me now, it's probably just a matter of testing more cards and some clean up at this point. Right now I'm working on adding output attributes to control LVDS backlight, RMX, analog/digital toggle for DVI-I, etc.


Re: Release date?

Wow, sounds good :)

Btw, I have one other question: Keith mentioned that the new Intel drivers will be ready with X.Org server 2.0. Is there any release date at all for that new X.Org server version?

Re: Release date?


maybe i'm dense, but I thought all this should go in the DRM code under the new scheme proposed by Jesse. Did I overlook something ?

Re: Release date?

Some day, when that's ready (it's still in the RFC phase), it can. Until then, randr 1.2 support in the current radeon ddx provides run-time output reconfigurability right now.