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airlied [userpic]
X.org ATI 6.6.192 pre release

Alex Deucher released 6.6.192 of the Xorg ATI driver.

This is another ati driver RC aimed at server 1.3. It does not
contain randr 1.2 support, but includes a bunch of fixes since the
last RC release. Ati 6.7 will be the last release to support mergedfb
mode. After 6.7, radeon xrandr 1.2 support will be merged into master
from the randr-1.2 branch. Please log all regressions in bugzilla.

It also contains code to enable direct rendering on rs480 with a recent drm.


MergedFB allowed DRI on both heads (as long as you didn't exceed hardware limits like the 2k by 2k context size); does randr-1.2 allow DRI on multiple heads as well?




Does randr-1.2 address the 3D context size limits in any way?


No. From the hardware's perspective xrandr and mergedfb are the same.


nice but i can't reach freedesktop.org


Does this driver include any r300-improvements? Especially for the r480-chip that would be great, as drm still isn't stable enough to be used.


do you mean that dri is now usable on the rs480 or is there still some work to be done at mesa?

Re: rs480

I think it should be working with the mesa git, kernel 2.6.22rc3 and this driver. However I didn't managed to get it working. Maybe some additional software packages are needed.