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airlied [userpic]
radeon randr 1.2

Okay I've pushed the initial radeon randr 1.2 code into the ATI tree in the randr-1.2 branch, this builds against master X server.

However I've never been happy with many parts of that code as it still relies on the old radeon system of having 2 CRTCs mapped to 2 outputs and this isn't really suitable for a flexible randr driver, however it is also less likely to regress heavily..

With this in mind I started to go a different direction and started the randr-1.2-tng branch in my personal ATI repository,

This removes the whole idea of only having two outputs and tries to allocate an output per type of output (so Analog, Digital, LFP, TV), and assigning those to a connector.. I need to do DDC optimisation so DVI connectors (which have Analog and Digital outputs on them) only do DDC once...


You rock; thank you very much.

Two questions:

1) Does this remove the requirement to have a monitor connected on boot with some ThinkPad laptops? Does the driver do the right card init to avoid that now?

2) Can you provide an outline of what you need to grab in what order to build a working radeon randr 1.2 driver/server/client at this point?

Great work

Nice site!! Thnx!