airlied (airlied) wrote,

nouveau randr update a small bit more :-)

shows my desk with two monitors connected to an NV28, one DVI and one CRT, with a mozilla window spanning the desktops :-)

Both screens are running in 1024x768, some other resolutions are less successful (1680x1050 on Dell monitor is quite unstable with dual-head...)

The code is all in the nouveau DDX randr-1.2 branch, I think I've finally figured out the PLLs... again I've no idea when I'll get a chance to get more work done, I'd like to probably get LVDS working as I guess I've broken it... and someway to get the LVDS info from the BIOS tables.

and yes there are 4 penguins on top of the CRT, one crystal one Gia got me for Xmas, and the others Gia and I have picked up at various places...

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