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July 2017
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airlied [userpic]
United airlines == big bag of shite....

Everyone said I should've stayed another night in PDX, but I was trying to get back to Sydney before the weekend, well everybody you were so right....

UA843 last night departed SFO at 11pm, I heard the gate staff saying there was no hotels in the area as Oracle had some large conference on....

UA843 got about 1.5 hrs away before some fuel cross-over valve was stuck off, so they couldn't go any further and they turned us around back to SFO...

I listened in on the radio chatter channel (one thing united does do...) and heard the ground staff saying there was nothing available + talks of blankets and pillows..

So we landed into SFO, and United made the tightest offer ever, they had no hotels in the area, they would give ppl $60 if they could find a hotel room, I'd doubt you'd even get a hooker for a debian party for 60 bucks in SFO never mind a room... they also said the flight would depart at 11pm the next evening, a whole 21 hours later... we got $10 meal voucher for breakfast and $10 for lunch,

I rang Gia and warned her of my impending lateness, then I tried to track down a hotel room, which after 10 calls wasn't proving too fruitful, luckily enough slashclee was on IRC and in Mountainview and I just jumped a taxi down to his place, and stayed on the floor, so clee ftw...

So I've got to kill some time in SF for the day, go for a pint later with some mates mayhaps, and then back to SFO and United..., of course i bought duty free perfume for Gia on the way, and I'll take money the TSA will take exception and confiscate it and my laptop... I also have an X1900XTX in my bag this graphics card is very big, with a very big heatsink, so far it has gotten through two security check points....

P.S. also yesterday I got to stand in a tube and have air guns fired at me at a security checkpoint, at least it was new and interesting and non-internally intrusive...

So yeah ppl don't fly United because they don't really care about customers at all and their planes look like they need more servicing... (coming to PDX I got stuck for an hour on a SkyWest/United plane while they rebooted the computer about 5 times to make a fault disappear... I thought maybe fixing the fault was the proper solution but what do I know...)


Oh man that sucks. I had the same experience with UA843 a month or two ago. Got into the air then got turned around. *but* they did get me a hotel room (although it was about 5am until I got there), and gave me about $50 worth of meal voucher. The a few weeks ago, they had mechanical problems out of San Diego and I got stuck in Chicago for a night.

I eventually got $150 out of them for the UA843 fuck up, but of course that is a voucher to use when flying united...

So yeah, I wouldn't fly united except for the fact Star Alliance RTW is fucking conveniant, Qantas is the only other airline to fly to california, and I have 100,000 frequent flyer miles with them, which means I always get economy plus seats.

United Airlines extorted nearly $3000 from my parents

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