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airlied [userpic]
"nv" driver obfuscation...

The X.org and XFree86 nv driver is pretty much written in hex, strangely the XFree86 maintainer back in 2003 stated it was because it was his
preferred form for maintaining the driver

This is quite plainly lies as not even some of the finest crack-smokers I've met enjoy maintaining things in hex...

spyderous just found some more truthful stuff from XFree86 back in 1999 here is the - Original obfusction

Ah well the novueau project is starting to move at in the right direction at least...


You mean it is not only from the Xbox deal time but even before that nVidia was being uncooperative?

does anybody have the source before it was put thru the preprocessor?

Indeed, it's pure crap. I'm going to be pulling deobfuscated patches from nouveau for the shipping Debian nv driver until we can really ship nouveau. I'm hoping we (as in X.org) can drop the obfuscated version once and for all at that point.

Copy of XF86-CVS-Repo?

Hi there, is there any copy of the XFree86-CVS-Repository? Seems there is lots of valueable information in there, would be a pity if this would get lost.