airlied (airlied) wrote,

video cards and wishlist whoring...

Thought about buying an Radeon X1300 today because it has no 2D support under Linux, but I couldn't find one locally (within about 1km of my house :-),

I however did fine an Radeon PCI 7000, and an MGA G450 PCI card (this was in a bin with lots of ISA cards), both of which weren't exactly expensive so I've added them to my stack of cards, I plugged the 7000 into my PC and now X won't start on my primary AGP Radeon 9200 (I'd write an e-mail to the responsible parties but I suspect I might be one of them....)

I've a wishlist of things I'd like to appear in front of me rather than buy myself, the main things being a PCIE supporting motherboard + CPU + RAM, my laptop has PCIE graphics but that is as much as I can do with it at the moment...
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