September 25th, 2010


Southern Plumbers Miniconf CFP (LCA 2011 - Brisbane)

As part of LCA 2011, we are organising a mini-conference to provide a place for low-level system developers to gather and discuss interesting aspects of the kernel and lowlevel userspace. This miniconf is aimed at a similar audience to the Linux Plumbers Conference.

We'd really like to have talks that are entry points to open floor discussions and interactive sessions, though if a talk is interesting enough it will be considered depending on the quality of other submissions.

Areas of interest:
- Linux kernel
- / Mesa
- toolchain/gdb (not deep compiler stuff, more system interactions)
- udev/u*/*Kit/hal replacements
- systemd/upstart/sysvinit
- virtualisation

The Southern Plumbers mini-conference is planned for Monday 24th Jan 2011.

Please send all submissions to Submissions will close on Friday, October 29th (when I leave for the real Linux Plumbers Conference), though I may accept submission over the week of LPC as well if I can drum up interest.

CFP available at

Dave Airlie and Matthew Wilcox.