March 23rd, 2009


radeon mesa drivers status + FBOs

So I've been slowly getting radeon-rewrite into a useful state, I diverted myself on Friday evening to take a quick look at FBOs on KMS/DRI2. I'd already layed down most of the basis for FBO code so I thought it might not take too long to get working.

So today I merged the FBO code into the radeon-rewrite branch, its not perfect but its a good place to start, its only enabled for KMS/DRI2 setups of course.

So there are a few things left to get radeon-rewrite into master:

1. Fix hangs on r100/r200 that some people have reported. I'm not having a huge amount of success in reproducing this, but I'll try and give it a larger effort asap. Its hanging in the buffer manager aging code somewhere. It smells like a GPU hang but its hasn't actually hung, killing the app, and starting it again, keeps things going.

2. r200 depth buffer is broken.

3. DRI2 single buffered rendering isn't drawing to the window where it should.

4. Have to run piglit regression tests on r100/r200/r300/r400/r500, under current mesa master, radeon-rewrite, radeon-rewrite DRI2 with swtcl and hwtcl paths. So I think it works out around 30 tests cases to try, and then fixup the regressions!!

5. lots of other things I've forgotten.

Post merging, I need to add support for two things back:
1. Color buffer tiling under KMS/DRI2. Works fine under DRI1.
2. Texture tiling under *.