February 12th, 2009


radeon 3d drivers merge plans

In order to further Red Hat's commitment to KMS on radeons, I've been adding support for a bufmgr to all 3 radeon 3D drivers.

The bufmgr essentially abstracts the lowlevel buffer management from the state machine of the driver, so we can implement a simple userspace buffer manager which operates on the current system, and a memory managed buffer manager which operates on the GEM kernel API we defined for radeon.

Jerome Glisse and Nicolai Haehnle wrote the initial r300 bufmgr, texturing and mipmap tree code. I decided that instead of trying to port it to r100/r200, I took the opportunity to merge as much of the common code in radeon/r200/r300 drivers.

So armed with piglit to fight regressions and a lack of sleep, I started merging.

So I've pushed the results to the radeon-rewrite branch of mesa, it works for me on all the radeons I've played with in legacy mode.

My future plans for the codebase are:
1. get libdrm_radeon on modesetting-gem autodetected
2. Implement radeon/r200 userspace clear code. This is in-kernel at the moment but kms needs it out.
3. Play with DRI2 - should already be supported on KMS/GEM stack. I suspect I need to fix some state handling for this.
4. make it go fast on kms - work with compiz and a few games for F11.

Oh I forgot to mention the best bit:
100 files changed, 11289 insertions(+), 15487 deletions(-)

4000-5000 less lines of code ftw. I have a few more license headers in new files :)