January 9th, 2009


blast from the past - dog bites man.

update from between the baby naps :)

So back in 2002 while trekking in Nepal I got a dog bite from a possibly rabid dog, hilarity ensued (well actually scaryness), recently the story got picked up again by an Irish medical communications company, and has now appeared in the Irish Evening Herald and Longford Leader with at least one other paper possibly running an article.


update: rapid->rabid :-)

Life at RH update.

(meant to post this pre-baby)

When I originally started to work for Red Hat I relocated to Brisbane so I could be based in an office and for other personal reasons. I was the first kernel/X.org/OS engineer based in the Brisbane office and the rest of the X.org team was based in Westford, MA mostly. I didn't think at the time this would change much, I mainly wanted to have the office as an option to work in as I can get demotivated working from home, changing scenery helps.

When RH moved offices in Brisbane last year, a new lab was built in the new office, and I got assigned a nice desk + rack + remote power + remote KVM over IP. This has proven really useful for doing development on all my different machines.

So mid-last year RH desktop team got the opportunity to hire Peter Hutterer who was based in Adelaide at the time, and we persuaded him to relocate to Brisbane once he finished a few things in Adelaide. He finally relocated a couple of months ago and is hacking lots on getting X.org input to a better place.

Late last year we also had a replacement position open up in the X group, and after some searching, Ben Skeggs, one of the top two nouveau developers (nvidia reverse engineering project) was interviewed and accepted the position. Ben was based in Tasmania, and agreed to relocate to Brisbane and started this week in the office. Hopefully this will mean good things for Fedora + nouveau development.

Its nice to have a team in one place for a few reasons,
a) people to talk technical to in the same timezone!!
b) easier to keep a hw library in one place, since we mainly do hardware enablement on Intel/AMD/nvidia hw having access to as many cards/systems as possible in one place very winning. With having more people in the office we can work on getting more hw directly shipped here and build up a better development environment.
c) talking technical can involve drinking.
d) easier to attract more people to the sunniest place to work :)