December 29th, 2008


Kernel modesetting pull request sent

So I sent a drm pull request that includes the kernel modesetting core + intel i915 driver supporting it.

This is a major milestone for a project I started working on in a previous job, and I barely remember burning through the initial code for the initial prototype in a week of little sleep.

To enable the code you need to set the CONFIG_DRM_I915_KMS, this isn't enabled by default, as we don't have a userspace that supports it available yet for general consumption. If you enable kms now, you will more than likely get a broken X for your trouble as the kernel drivers aren't compatible with having userspace drivers trample the hardware.

So where is ATI at?

although we are shipping radeon code in F10, the code is based on the TTM memory manager, which isn't really in an upstreamable
state in its current form. Hopefully a newer TTM codebase might become available that can be used upstream. If that doesn't happen, we might rearchitect the core memory manager code of the radeon system now that we have the API mostly proven. So I'm not sure when we will upstream it, it all depends on how much time I can work on it.

Baby status: due today, no sign yet, will severely impact amount of time I spend on this stuff :)