November 30th, 2008


KMS and AGP r300s

Okay I'm hoping I've found the bug that was causing KMS + r300 AGP systems to be so buggy.

I've just found a couple of bugs in the AGP codebase that might mean I can reenable AGP mode by default
instead of the PCI fallbacks. you can try radeon.agpmode= 1,2,4,8 to enable AGP speeds, or -1 to fallback.

I've just kicked kernel- into koji so it might help a few people.

Also AGP r500/r600 cards are an abomination, they are just a PCIE chip with an AGP->PCIE bridge on them, the old
AGP fallback code used to hit PCI fallbacks but it should use PCIE codepaths on these chips by the looks of it.

So I've also fixed that.