July 21st, 2008


technology fail weekender...

So this weekend was a total technology fail..

so on Sat night Gia rented a DVD to watch on a laptop, I was all should be no problem with this, armed with my livna (and livna-development) repositories, I started off on laptop 1, Thinkpad T60P. totem pulled an immeditate choke with some useless error message. mplayer choked similiarly with a nice bonghits in the libdvdread error message. This I tracked down to the region not being set correctly, so I set the drive region to region 4, and then mplayer failed even harder in a tight loop with kill -9 the only way out. It looked like bad sectors or something in the kernel.

So I went and tried it on laptop number 2, my Dell Insprion 6000, this machine is the oldest piece of kit I own and has been steadily on it way out the door (backlight flickers on/off due to dodgy connections internally). However it is also the only machine I have at home with a non-Linux OS on it, it has Windows XP. So I booted XP on it, stuck the disk in and it played fine, I then booted Linux on it and had the same problem as on the the other laptop. So I decided to let Gia use Windows XP to watch the DVD, I then unplugged the laptop before realising the battery was sitting on the bench (as it overheats a lot instead of charging nowadays.. and it isn't one of the goes on fire batteries either..). So it appears cutting the power wasn't such a good idea, as it appears the hard disk heads crashed or some such fail, as attempting to boot XP on the laptop after that gave a bad boot bluescreen and mounting the XP ntfs partition from Linux went into an ATA reset cycle.

So I had to watch half the rugby (it wasn't a great game in the end), and then watch some movie with Matthew McConaughty in it, at least there was scuba diving in it, so it could have been worse.

Then on Sunday on our way to the cinema, I drops my iphones on the grounds. Oh noes. My iphone volume buttons have been busted for a month or two in any case, but now the lock/power button decided to stop being useful. Of course my iphone is a US phone where I'm sure the warranty has been invalidated six ways from Tuesday at this point. So I'll probably have to go opens it ups and play with its insides. I've damaged a lot of phones in my life but the iphone has actually been the quickest to get broken, and considering I don't drink nearly as much as I used to this isn't a good showing for it.