March 20th, 2008


glxgears on r500 hardware... for Easter.

So after spending the morning doing a crap load of driver package work for Fedora, I decided to play with the r300 driver on r500 hardware.

And after I played around a bit and wrote some filler code I managed to produce a working glxgears. I checked 4 times to make sure I wasn't sw rendering.

I'm really quite surprised how little actual time this took, texturing and actual frag prog stuff will take a bit more time, but if someone is interested (and a few people are) having a working base point makes things a lot easier.


on my drm branch:

amd my mesa branch

all running on a Lenovo/IBM T60P with M56 FireGL in it.

I'd add a screenshot but you all know what a working gears looks like :)
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