February 27th, 2008


beating pciaccess into the X.org drivers..

So I went a bit nuts today and went on a pciaccess convert-a-thon on the remaining x.org drivers with some major caveats.

1. I have none of this hardware.
2. Building is more important than correctness, tinderbox green light is measure of success.
3. No pci probe function implemented if I didn't have to. so chips got one nobody else.

So I fixed up to this level

chips, i128, neomagic, rendition, tdfx, tga, tseng and voodoo.

Some of these needed only a configure.ac fixup to enable the pciaccess support they already had, one needed deansification and one needed devprivates fixups.

Outstanding are amd, which has maintainers I hope will move their asses, and glint which is special in every way.

But at least the tinderbox is a lot greener now..