February 24th, 2008


r500 3D docs released + come on all you "hackers"

So AMD released r500 3D programming information today, the most interesting piece being the r500 fragment shader programming guide which allows us to maybe get r300 into some kind of shape for r500 use.

So along with the intel 965 docs, we now have 2 fairly well documented chips. So an excuse I've always heard from people turning up on irc channels is OMG I can't hack on GPU drivers there are no docs!!!. So now that we have these docs I'm expecting a large amount of developers to be able to bootstrap themselves on modern hardware. I wonder how disappointed I'm going to be.

updated: http://www.x.org/docs/AMD/ is the docs location, the newest pdf is the r500 3D engine manual.

r500 rotate + textured video support

I've just pushed the r500 rotate and textured video support into the radeon driver.

Alex added the r100-r300 textured video support earlier today, and I'd already started some of the r500 rotate work a couple of weeks ago just from random revenge dumps (I was just playing about on a Friday afternoon..)

Rotate seems to have a clipping problem with the bottom of my screen, I need to play some more with it, and textured video has just played 20 secs of a Doctor Who episode.

the day that just keeps giving... rs690 users rejoice..

So I finally figured out the model for the vertex-processor less cards (rs480/rs690), thanks to a line in the new docs about how the vertex data is routed in TCL_BYPASS mode.

So after I actually worked out what the line meant, I managed to get rs690 rotate and textured video up and running..

So I'm stopping now, I think I've an idea how to fix compiz for rs690 with this info, but that'll have to wait...