January 2nd, 2008


drm fast-user-switching or multi-master support

So we have a problem with fast-user-switching and the DRM at the moment, the drm has a concept of a master process which controls a number of aspects of it, it can only handle one of these processes existing however at the moment.

So the second X server never gets access to the DRM and so you can't run compiz or even gears on a fast-user-switched desktop. This is the suck.

So I spent this afternoon just hacking around the problem to see if I can get some of the basics to work... and I have now gotten two servers with glxgears in each vt-switching between them on a 945G.

The drm patches are at

the intel driver hack up is at:

It still has problems, the major one being if you kill a master who isn't the current master, its very like cats and dogs living together. I'm hoping when we get more state into the kernel side drm drivers we can handle this a lot more gracefully.