December 21st, 2007


radeon 6.7.197 is out + atombios in git master now..

Alex released 6.7.197 of the ATI driver today, get it at all the usual places..

So just after he released it I merged the atombios-support branch into master of xf86-video-ati. We believe this branch is good enough for a master run, F8 and rawhide already contain it and some people have been testing it.

I need to fix up the kernel drm support for r500 so 2D goes nice and fast.

moving moving moving.... and offline

So myself and Gia bought a house about 6km outside Brisbane and we hopefully settle today and get the keys.

So I'll be disconnected from the Internet from tomorrow morning sometime until at least the 2nd of January when I get into the office again.

We have to move tomorrow as getting movers in the Xmas<->new years gap wasn't proving possible. I might be able to "leverage" some net access with a pringles can but we'll have to see how it works out.