October 25th, 2007


posting to jinx myself..

For the past couple of months I've been fighting with Intel GPU and CPUs in order to mangle efficient access to shared buffers.

My development systems consist off:

915GM + Pentium M 1.7
945G + Pentium D 3.0
965G + Core2 2.13
965GM + Core2 Duo 1.20

so one single core machine and 3 multi-core, I've been reading all the Intel docs on cache flushing, wbinvd, GPU docs, I've talked to Keith Packard and via him Intel CPU/chipset ppl and I've removed large quantities of my own hair.

So the purpose of this post is that I think I've actually solved the problem I've been trying to solve, so I'm posting this as I've only one machine to test on (the 945 Pentium-D) and I know by posting this entry to say I've fixed the problem I will experience lots of issues on the 945 :-)

I'll actually properly write up what I was trying to solve if it actually works :-)