August 16th, 2007


Dell XPS 720 + Red Hat so far

I just got a Dell XPS 720 for my desktop PC in the office, it's a monster desktop, I only got one graphics card in it (nvidia g84) and it works with nv in Fedora 7 and dualhead fine.

This machine as an option in the BIOS to change the LED colours on the front of the case, anyone know if I can do things from Linux with these?

So far Red Hat has been great, I've been working on combining EXA and TTM on Intel hardware (915/945/965), and also getting TTM for Intel hardware into a more mergeable state for upstream. I've been hitting major problems with cache flushing overheads, but I've been in the kernels change_page_attr function and looking at the code that is disabled that tries to use the clflush cmd. I also think PAT would be a very useful thing to have for this work so I may investigate that quite soon as well.

I've also been uploading random X/Mesa packages for rawhide... I'm trying to decide if I should drop the radeon randr-1.2 driver into the tree as the default ATI driver.. it'll regress old-style dualhead but randr-1.2 is so useful for laptop users..