July 22nd, 2007


n800 + skype + crash

I installed the latest software on my n800 and got skype running and logged in and it crashed out on my test call and crashed everytime I tried to start it after that...

So I did some hunting on the net and apparantly nuking the

/home/user/.Skype/ subdir and restarting skype makes it a lot better..

Hopefully this is helpful and gets googled up.

the fun of moving house "Auswide Vanlines"

So back a couple of weeks ago myself and Gia moved to Brisbane from Sydney, this was no fun... :-)

I got a flu on the Tuesday that screwed me over. On Tuesday night I also found out from RH that they would actually pay for my relocation if I used an approved mover.

As we'd already had a mover booked we decided not take advantage of it at that stage. So on Wednesday morning we expect our movers "Auswide Vanlines" to turn up around 11am when we get call from their guy saying the truck we were supposed to be on had gone to its first pickup and the people there had understated the size of their stuff, leaving them with not enough space on the truck. We had also understated our space usage (I think when people move everyone does it so you'd think the company "Auswide Vanlines" might know that).

So after much arguing on the phone, he claimed it was our fault as we had understated our requirement and we could have to pay doublehandling charges, we stated the obvious that both us and the other people moving shared the responsibility, but logic wasn't working on this bloke. So he said he was going to ring around and try to get an alternative truck to pick our stuff up hopefully that day. Guess what we never ever heard from him again. He never bothered to ring us back at all. So "Auswide Vanlines" I hope anyone using you in the future searches the Internet finds this and decides you are not worth it.

I contacted RH in Singapore straight away and they very quickly got their approved movers in Singapore to get a local NSW mover (Grace Movers) to come around and pick up our stuff the next morning. They put all our stuff in a container the following Tuesday the container arrived in Brisbane and stuff all landed in the house.

Gia drove use the whole way to Brisbane from Sydney as my flu wasn't making me feel great and sitting in a moving vehicle was tough enough without the hassle of controlling said vehicle, she was very wonderful getting us there. We stopped off in Gosford and Coffs Harbour. We didn't do any of the touristy things we had planned as I didn't feel like doing much other than sleeping when we stopped driving.

Anyways in the end we got here safe and sound and stayed with Gia's parents for a couple of days before moving into our new place and I started working at RH.

Again I'd like to note the totally lack of professionalism from "Auswide Vanlines"