May 29th, 2007


rs480 vga mergedfb

Okay the RS480 laptop (nx6125 HPaQ) wouldn't pick up the VGA output at all, I've just spent about 8 hours over the last few days trying to figure it out.

1. The VGA DDC isn't where the BIOS said it was, I haven't fixed this yet, but it should be trivial to detect and override in a correct manner.
2. Even with 1. hacked, I still could only get garbage on crtc2, I could make the VGA show crtc1 and it would clone the LVDS fine, however it wouldn't show it's own stuff, I tracked it down using daniels valgrind hacks and saw a register write I've never seen before, so I messed about with radeontool until it worked and I could see two heads.

So I've fixed 2 in the tree, 1 I need to think about the proper way to detect, I can assume that only the HP BIOS has this wrong and let users report back on other craptops.

UPDATE: oops spoke to soon it works fine if I run fglrx first, so there is another evil register.. bah another day.

UPDATE2: it works!!! or at least for the value of works that is the laptop I'm currently using.