May 21st, 2007

face ATI 6.6.192 pre release

Alex Deucher released 6.6.192 of the Xorg ATI driver.

This is another ati driver RC aimed at server 1.3. It does not
contain randr 1.2 support, but includes a bunch of fixes since the
last RC release. Ati 6.7 will be the last release to support mergedfb
mode. After 6.7, radeon xrandr 1.2 support will be merged into master
from the randr-1.2 branch. Please log all regressions in bugzilla.

It also contains code to enable direct rendering on rs480 with a recent drm.
face ATI randr-1.2 branch update

Alex Deucher and Jesse Barnes did a whole lot of work on the radeon randr-1.2 branch to make it a lot more useful and not fall over as much as my original one.

Feel free to test it and report back any regression via bugzilla...

The tree doesn't support old-style dualhead anymore as reconciling this with randr-1.2 was too painful, and randr-1.2 provides much nicer features..