January 14th, 2007


LCA 2007 starts tomorrow...

LCA 2007 starts tomorrow, I'm doing a show and tell at the Embedded miniconf for some embedded boards I've been working on recently. Then on Tuesday I'm co-organising the kernel miniconf, we have a bit of a gap in the schedule at one point, but hopefully it magically fills itself tomorrow..

Then on Wednesday I'm speaking about nouveau

Then I might get to watch some other ppl talk..

In terms or randr-1.2 support, my current nouveau tree which should be perfect has regressed a lot, so it's a case of two steps forward, 3 steps back... I'll probably not be able to demo anything on randr-1.2 for nouveau,

Of course my laptop is radeon so I'd like to get randr-1.2 going on it however it is hanging in the register rewrites at modeswitch time.. which is to say the least annoying ..