December 7th, 2006


drm for 2.6.20 posted + radeon hackage..

well I've just requested Linus pull my drm git tree for 2.6.20 this contains Michel's work on drawables for the i915 driver mainly... it doesn't yet contain TTM.

I'm currently waiting for a few things for TTM to go into the kernel easily (see below)..

AGP support for TTM from Thomas.
Nick Piggins VM fault handler instead of nopage/populate - we have compat code but it removes the easily component of merging TTM :-)
Investigation of some vm accounting issues I've seen, running an app with TTM instead of old style seems to make vm overcommit stats break, because the pages from TTM don't get accounted to the application properly.. vm_acct_memory and __vm_enough_memory were where my search lead me before...

As for radeon randr-1.2 support, I've done a good bit of restructuring on the radeon, and I have a copy on my laptop that hooks up randr in most place, it doesn't actually work yet, but the Intel guys have been doing YAROTD (yet another rewrite of their driver) so this time I'm determined to let them get a but further before I dive in yet again..

And nouveau randr-1.2 is in the post radeon 1.2 timeline when the interfaces have all settled down and I'm happy I know enough to attempt it...

and finally Mesa is in git.. woohoo...