October 28th, 2006


got back finally,..

Okay I've finally made it back to Sydney this morning, it really was a trip from hell getting home :-)

Clee and myself hit Jack in the Box for a metal breakfast, and clee dropped me off at Caltrain, I headed into SF and did some wandering around (I know SF fairly well now from the last couple of times I've been there...)

I bought some clean clothes and then met a mate of mine from Ireland for a few beers and he let me have a shower and change before dropping me to the BART back to SFO..

So at SFO I checked my liquids (perfume and stuff) to avoid the TSA hassle (one thing United did right - the counter dude gave me a box to check stuff in...)...

We boarded the plane at 11pm, we pulled away from the gate, got to the taxi point, and sat there for about 30 mins, before being told the engines didn't start properly,
so we got taken back to the gate, and all off the plane, down to the next gate, all back onto another plane (probably the one from the previous night repaired), and finally took off at 135am.... that plane made it the whole way to Sydney which was great, we did a few laps outside sydney as the winds were up closing a runway...

I really wonder does whoever United uses for maintenance in SFO have a disgruntled employee or something... two planes with mech problems so close is just statistically very bad...