September 29th, 2006


I'll just keep waiting.......

Waiting at the station.
Waiting for the right moves.
Waiting in the basement.
Waiting for the right cues.
Waiting in a daydream.
Waiting in this slipstream.

for my git tress to get merged..... :-)

(Song - Waiting by the Devlins)

I mailed a few days ago, I mailed again another time, I sit and I watch Linus's git tree as others get merged around me but never me...

When your git trees are in limbo (snap kernel developer poll).. you assume:
a) Linus is waiting for the best time in the merge sequence for your trees - I always wait until post AGP merges as usually there can be minor dependencies...
b) Your trees don't clean merge, I pulled HEAD and tried so they do...
c) Both pull requests arrived when Linus was in the shower and the kids deleted them? ;-)

(I'm hoping (a))..