August 10th, 2006


Intel open source drivers announced

Well it's good to see Intel have announced their open source intentions with respect to graphics drivers. Intel have nearly always developed their Linux graphics drivers in an open fashion via Tungsten Graphics (i.e. the source was available after initial development work was done), but its good to see the commitment to have Linux drivers available before the hardware is even purchaseable through retail channels...

The website is at with a quote from me given at my presentation at OLS :-)

There is still a ways to go with Intel drivers to get the feature set completed but I know that Intel are commmitted to doing this work which is very very good.. I personally recommend intel chipsets for embedded platforms of my main customer for the reason that we have the source, I used to recommend ATI (we scrapped our ATI-based development system, for a couple of reasons one was the lack of open-source upgrade path from my point-of-view.)