July 13th, 2006


bluetooth HID and sony ericsson k750i

Okay so I have a Sony Ericsson k750i, and its got a really neat bluetooth HID remote control app built in,

I've used this with Linux to give presentations at LCA and XDC early in the year and I like the fact I can walk around a bit when talking without having to go back to my PC to click slides.

However my recent FC5 upgrade seemed to have busted it, so when I went to present at SLUG a couple of weeks ago it didn't work.

strace'ing the hidd showed it couldn't find some file in /var/lib/bluetooth//hidd and it would refuse to talk,

I discovered today that running the hid server with hidd --server --nocheck allows me to connect and create the file and now I can connect on the default check setting, so I'll be using it at OLS!!