May 9th, 2006


more work on i8xx DVO and i9xx SDVO

I got a new Chrontel Ch7009 ADD card in the post today. It has DVI and Tv-out on it.

So far I've added initial detection support to the chrontel chip to my intel driver, and it can detect it.

Also I started merging code over from Intel's (Eric Anholt) driver into mine, my drivers SDVO code is a lot more like Eric's now (we've swapped back and forth), however my driver still sets mode on my monitor here using DVI, whereas his one doesn't lock a DVI mode for me correctly at all. However I did port over his sDVO DDC code and managed to get DDC over DVI working on my i915GM/Chrontel sDVO setup today.

I'll try the setup in the office tomorrow hopefully tomorrow, and I might get a chance to actually fix the last few problems I'm seeing with my driver which I'm writing for one major embedded task.