March 15th, 2006


dodgy DVI chip and monitor

I've got a big 37inch LCD on my floor at the moment, it has VGA and DVI inputs, I've plugged it into a radeon and nvidia card and both inputs seem to work fine.

However I've been trying to get it working with the i915 chipset with a Chrontel SDVO DVI controller on a card, using my own non-BIOS modesetting i810 driver ( I wouldn't use that tree for anything it does only what I need it to do at the moment.

Now I've just spent a few days wondering why my other DVI monitor works fine with my code, but this 37inch one doesn't.. the LCD reports itself as 17 inches as well..

Well I read the Chrontel non-programming data sheet and it mentions that unless the hotplug detect is connected the DVI output is switched off, however from my reading of some DVI info,
the hotplug detect line is only necessary to be at 2.4v if the monitor supports EDID, I'm going to confirm this tomorrow with a voltmeter (I thought it up about 2 mins before having to leave the office).

So Chrontel seem to me in error, but I really do hope this is all it is as otherwise I'll have a 37inch LCD with a large hole in it the size of my right boot.