February 27th, 2006


starting on intel mode setting support

I need to get non-BIOS assisted mode setting for i915 with a Chrontel DVI chip for a work project.

So I've started a version of xf86-video-i810 in a git tree to start this.

I've gotten CRT setting to work mostly, and I'm just adding the i2c support at the moment to detect the external monitor on VGA and DVI.

Next step will be to add i2c infrastructure to drive the external TMDS controller (initially this will probably be an Sil164 as I have a card at home with this, and then the Chrontel.)

I could tell everyone where the git tree is but some muppet will use it to melt his flatpanel then blame me for bricking his laptop.
(at a guess it'll be the same sort of person who turns AGPFastWrite on.)